Our Services

Investment Research

REdge Investment Research supports global investment professionals to perform successfully against their peers. We provide detailed analysis and the information that the client requires to achieve superior returns through differentiated investment insights and ideas

Our group works to deliver insightful and financially rigorous research aimed at improving visibility and increasing investor understanding of all companies, regardless of size or stock market listing. Our Values are at the forefront of each research report and passes through rigorous quality checks before reaching our clients.

Our research is not influenced by the market noise or movements and we work round the clock to get the reports delivered on time.


Research Support to your idea

REdge delivers comprehensive view of the stock idea you are interested in by bringing a team in place that covers the entire eco system of analysis.

Quick Turnaround

We are conveniently located to take up your assignments when it is just the time for you to call it a day. We take up the time sensitive tasks and you will have the idea delivered to your inbox by next morning.

24X7 Portfolio Surveillance

We support your portfolio surveillance need for a round the clock coverage by tracking all the updates, news and recent developments after your after hours.

Cost Advantage

We support you with a team of highly qualified professionals that can accelerate your portfolio performance at an attractive cost proposition.