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Financial Communications & Media Relations

In the age of rapid social media expansion and high competition, we have to keep our customers, investors and media constantly updated on new products/services, recent developments, events and any item that is of interest. At REdge, we share your commitment to communications. We take a well planned and careful approach in providing accurate and timely details out to the media, and let you focus on your core while we do the gate keeping!


Efficient and Experienced team
Experienced team with a comprehensive view to ensure all aspects of communications are covered.

Quick Turnaround
We are conveniently located to take up your assignments when it is just the time for you to call it a day. We take up time sensitive tasks and work on it at the speed that doubles your pace and deliver it on time.

Cost Advantage
We support you with a team of highly qualified professionals that can accelerate your communication strategy at an attractive cost proposition.

24X7 Surveillance
We support your public relations need for a round the clock coverage by tracking all the updates, news and recent developments after your after hours.